Poonam Raj Singh

Peace & Social Justice Educator for Adults & Youth

Professional website for Poonam Singh--Non-profit consultant and leadership coach working in the areas of leadership development, talent management, diversity, equity & inclusion.

I serve teachers, children, school leaders, parents, nonprofit leaders, tech employees—anyone committed to being the change.

My services include:

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Small Group/Team Facilitation

  • Systems & Networks Design

  • Program Design

  • Workshops & Trainings

  • Speaking Engagements

See below for more a detailed description: 

Leadership Coaching

  • As a certified leadership coach, I draw on the core tools I learned in my certification training, but also draw on other frameworks. These include appreciative inquiry, adaptive leadership, and mindfulness.

  • I specialize working with leaders of color and emerging leaders, given the tremendous demographic shift happening in the US workplace where these groups are transitioning into executive level positions.

Small Group Facilitation

  • I work with teams in the following ways:

    • Facilitating an organizational diversity or equity team

    • Leading a small group affinity group or working group

    • Leading teams through a self-reflection, goal setting, or trust-building process

    • Facilitating peer-coaching cycles (where small teams of 6-8 people coach each other on issues applying concepts learned in a workshop.)

Systems & Network Level Design

  • I work with HR & talent leaders, senior managers, and executives to help audit organizational practices and design systems and structures to strengthen diversity/equity & talent management practices.

  • I have worked with a consortium of public schools in San Jose across schools and districts, and I would like to continue to design and develop services that work to build a network-driven strategy.

Program Design and TOOL DEVELOPMENT

  • I've developed a research-based diversity audit tool with over 300 organizations over the past 5 years based on a literature review and assessment of field-level practices. Please email me if you are interested in checking out the tool or learning about the background research.

  • I have also created a research-based leadership assessment tool for individuals to assess how culturally-responsive they are. Email me if you are checking it out!

  • I create customized surveys, frameworks, conversation guides, and other tools.

  • I aim to create elegant tools that are visually appealing and sharp.

  • I've also helped organizations launch or develop their own leadership development programs , or integrate a diversity/equity lens to an existing framework.

Trainings and Workshops

  • 1-day to 3 day Intensives: Intensives are important to raise awareness and provide a launch pad for for future work. These workshops are great for an introductory or supplemental course to race, equity, & inclusion. My trainings have the following qualities:

    • Fast-paced, behavioral-driven (to identify actions/behaviors),

    • Experiential simulations, role plays, and exercises.

    • Mindfulness training

    • Theater of the Oppressed and other theater-based techniques

    • I tend to focus more on using compassion to drive understanding (as opposed to the shock-and-awe approach to diversity training.)


At the Ahimsa Conference 2018 with Bernard Lafayette & Black Lives Matter Organizer Patrisse Cullors.

At the Ahimsa Conference 2018 with Bernard Lafayette & Black Lives Matter Organizer Patrisse Cullors.

  • 2-hour lunch sessions: My favorite way to train is to provide 2-hour workshops over 3-6 weeks. Using applied behavioral change from the fields of social psychology, these sessions focus on micro-actions leaders can take to shift behaviors over a 3-4 week period. I've recently tested this model out in the private sector in Silicon Valley.


  • Topics for my trainings include:

    • Theater of the Oppressed

    • Leading Self

    • Leading Others Across Difference

    • Embracing Structural Oppression

    • Becoming a Strong Ally

    • Authentic Communication

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Negotiating Across Difference

    • Implicit Bias

    • Understanding the Hidden Code (particularly for leaders of color and next gen leaders). These set of workshops include:

      • Finding Our Voice (& navigating the politics of it)

      • Networking (and not hating it)

      • Saying No (without losing your job)

      • Mentors (inside & outside your job)

      • Negotiating Skills (across culture)

      • Understanding internalized oppression

      • Fundamentals of Workplace Writing

      • Basics of Financial Analytics for Program Managers

Speaking Engagements

  • Inspiring next gen leaders & people of color in your organization

  • Creating systems for diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Succession planning

  • How race is in an adaptive challenge in your organization

  • Navigating the hidden code