Poonam Raj Singh

Peace & Social Justice Educator for Adults & Youth

Professional website for Poonam Singh--Non-profit consultant and leadership coach working in the areas of leadership development, talent management, diversity, equity & inclusion.

Core Intentions

I seek to give voice and make the invisible visible. 

I seek to to engage in dialogue with others.

I seek to love the ,”other,” and “enemy,” and see no “other,” or “enemy.”

I bring people together in circles.

I bring people together through play, theater, story, & silence.

I want to be a model for the change I propose to make in the world. 

I seek to work at multiple levels, starting with myself, my home, and my relationships with others, and building toward organizational and societal change.

I want to raise a variety of points of view of the human expression.  

I seek to listen deeply and surface what is hard to hear or at the core of our being.

I seek to  facilitate a shift in culture and awareness that values honesty, trustworthiness, respect and dignity for all beings.   

I seek to make an impact now, but through careful patience, presence, and intention.

I seek to work for future generations, holding the long-term view.

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